Behavioral and conduct guidelines

Esquina Tango Behavioral and conduct guidelines

At Esquina Tango we are committed to creating a safe and healthy environment within the community across ALL dances. The follow are very important guidelines that we strongly recommend our community to adhere to. This will facilitate the respect that we adamantly would like to foster amongst veterans, newcomers and everyone in between. We appreciate your attention. If there are any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to your instructor or anyone within our staff/organization.

·       ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. Let there be a culture of CONSENT.

·       SPEAK UP!! If there’s anything you feel uncomfortable about COMMUNICATE to your leader/follower.

·       SPEAK UP!! If you see mistreatment on the dance floor.

·       “NO” means NO! Sudden “I have to go/Thank you” etc. may suggest the end of the dance. LISTEN to your follower/leader and do not take anything personally or make your partner feel guilty.

·       SPACING. Let the FOLLOWER determine the distance. Pay attention to cues like the follower/leader pulling/pushing you away. If in doubt, just ask.

·       SUPPORT those in the community who may reach out to you for aid and take calls for aid seriously.

·       Dance the APPROPRIATE numbers of songs.

·       DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Alcohol often triggers dance incidents.

·       Suggestive songs DO NOT grant you permission to act sexually. DEFER from any inappropriate touching.

·       Address the follower/leader RESPECTFULLY! Say “Excuse me” or address them BY THEIR NAME. Avoid “Sexy”, “baby” or similar terms of endearment. DEFER from talking about body parts.

·       Kindness/Niceness does NOT suggest the follower/leader is “into you”

·       NEWCOMERS are NOT FRESH MEAT! RESPECT BOUNDARIES and make them feel comfortable in the community.

·       DEFER FROM TEACHING on the dance floor or giving unsolicited advice.

·       LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Treat everyone as you’d like to be treated.

·       RESPECT THE DANCE FLOOR. Be mindful and share the dance floor with everyone. Let’s all practice courtesy.