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Películas en familia "Family Movie"

Sunday, January 19th

3:30pm - 5:30pm (movie starts 4:00pm)

Cuentos de la Selva

"Tales from the Jungle"

Argentina/ Animation/ Adventure/ Family / 2011/ 76min/
Spanish with English Subtitles

Suggested Donation $5 per person (children under 12 free)

Bring your own  beverage/snack
About the Movie: It is a normal day in the jungle. Nearby is a port. Boats arrive laden trucks and machinery. Commanding the operation of a ship's Mr. Oncade, a man obsessed with his work and busy raising her son Tomy, a boy of 8 years, alone and without friends. Oncade worked for Mr. Davius, a millionaire who has only one goal: to destroy the forest ...
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