In the midst of the pandemic, two East Austin performance art favorites collaborate to present a safe and festive evening of live music and dance. Ventana Ballet and Esquina Tango join socially distant hands to present Mezcla, a production of “mixed” dance styles!

All weekend is now *SOLD OUT* Sorry!

Monica Caivano (Esquina Tango, tango dancer)
Gustavo Simplis (Esquina Tango, tango dancer)
AJ Garcia-Rameau (Ventana Ballet, ballet dancer)  
Cory Blais (Ventana Ballet, cello)
Rachel Meador (Ventana Ballet, ballet dancer)
Atticus Griffin (Ventana Ballet, contemporary dancer)
Stephanie Keeton (Esquina Tango, flamenco dancer)
Melissa Corpus (Esquina Tango, samba dancer)
Miranda Kittie & Rita Lazo (Esquina Tango, Latin heels dance)
Alfonso Alarcon (Esquina Tango, Afro Latin dancer)
Colin Thurmond  (guitar)
Ana Barajas (singer)

Enter the tucked away courtyard of Esquina Tango through a lit curtain where audience members can indulge in an intimate performance experience, yet they can sit safely with their party on a platform that is socially distanced from adjacent patrons and performers.

Each performance will last approximately 45 minutes and will include alternating presentations of tango, ballet, flamenco, and more. Ventana Ballet and Esquina Tango have taken great caution and care to ensure the safety of all performers and patrons during this event.

About Ventana Ballet: Ventana Ballet is a professional dance company based in Austin, TX, specializing in contemporary ballet dance performance. The word ventana, meaning window, embodies the company’s organizational mission and vision, seeking to provide artistically relevant, technically proficient, and publicly accessible dance performance and education opportunities to the community. Ventana Ballet envisions to inspire, entertain, and educate audiences through a disciplined and innovative approach on presenting next-generation choreographic works. More information about Ventana Ballet can be found on the company website.

About Esquina Tango: Esquina Tango Cultural Society of Austin is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to build a vibrant and diverse community in East Austin and beyond through performing arts and health. With an emphasis on Argentine and other Latin American traditions, we aim to foster personal wellness while promoting an appreciation for Latino cultures. Through a lot of hard work, labor, and community love, we converted an old church building that was located in East Austin and practically falling apart into a tango studio. We intentionally chose East Austin because it is one of the most culturally rich and diverse neighborhoods of Austin, in addition to keeping accessibility easy for the underserved to have the opportunity to join our community.