Esquina Tango hosts weekly and monthly events where students, dancers and everyone in the community is invited to come enjoy, improve their skills and socialize.
At Esquina Tango is important to bridge the dances and language with the culture and to support the arts. Hence Live Music is central to the life of Esquina Tango, as we have local, national and international acts. Music is both for dancing and for your listening pleasures! Esquina Tango also hosts Social nights with fantastic local and out of town DJs in the realm of Tango, Salsa, Kizomba and more!
Movie night is a classic where movies in Spanish Language are shared (with English Sub-titles). Equina Tango opens its door for all kind of Celebrations as we learn from different cultures and provide an importan place for people for all ages and walk of life to gather.

Seu Jacinto